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Germ Protection Wet Wipes

Move out with caution, not with Fear.

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Staying safe is a challenge in Post COVID-19 world.

Therefore, Tulips introduces Germ Protection Wet Wipes with Antibacterial Agents for hands & surfaces, killing 99.99% of germs. Our Germ Protection formula is designed for all types of hard non-porous surfaces and does not require a rinse. They are gentle and moisturizing on your skin.  But they're super tough on dirt on the surfaces.

Contains Natural Neem & Tulsi Extract

Natural extracts of Neem & Tulsi helps clean hands & surfaces. These wipes are a must-have essential item for everyone.

Convenient to carry & easy to use

These wipes are perfect to keep your hands & surfaces clean anywhere, anytime, especially while travelling. So, whether you are packing for a holiday or just for your daily commute, the wet wipes will easily fit.

A Must-have product, on-the-go

These wipes are a must-have essential item when in the public transit system, train, bus, taxi, or other vehicle or even when at a meeting, at the gym, or using a public toilet.

Cotton Flowers
  • Dermatologically tested, they go through stringent lab tests to be certified as safe for skin of all types.

  • Untouched by Hands, to produce impeccable consistency without human intervention.

  • GMP Certified Facility in a controlled & hygienic condition.

  • Micro-biologically tested to ensure proper safety.

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