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Polyested Spun Swab


Soaps and Oils

TULIPS AP Polyester Swabs are produced on fully automated lines, in two size options AP & OP `All Purpose & Oro Pharyngeal resp.`

These Swabs have been validated for Covid Testing, by ICMR, have clearly indicated Breakpoint. The Swabs are available in Non-sterile bulk packs of 100s each or Single/ double Packed options. CE Certification is available



Key features of the highly specialized TULIPS swabs are:

  • 100% polyester based swab on a thinner Polypropylene Shaft

  • ICMR approved polyester swab with very flexible stem

  • In-built break point at 64 mm and a red indicator line just above it thereby posing no risk for the test medics

  • Special thin size swab size – perfectly comfortable for both nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal

  • Swab compatible even for vacutainer tubes with a bung cap

  • 4 tier quality check system – guaranteed product as per COA


TULIPS novel polyester spun swabs innovation has excellent collection and release properties. Polyester fiber has been tested and validated for use in specimen collection in microbiology, RT-PCR analysis.


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