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Baby Wet Wipes: Parenting Made Convenient

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

There are a lot of duties that come along with having a child. Consequently, it's become a priority for parents to choose only infant products that are both effective and secure. Daily usage baby wipes should also be selected with extreme care. To many parents, wiping down a newborn with a baby wet wipe is an integral part of their routine. The increasing versatility of baby wipes has made caring for infants simpler and safer over time.

Be selective while choosing baby wipes: our best advice

1. Certification: Make sure that the wipes are certified & dermatologically tested.

2. Primary Ingredients: it should be mild & effective. Check the label to see if the wipes are free from harmful ingredients such as Allergens, SLS or SLES. If possible, look for wipes made of 99.9% purified water and natural extracts.

3. Texture: Soft & thick

4. No two children are alike, and neither is their skin. Always do a patch test first.

5. Disposal: Wipes should always be disposed of in the trash.

Choose ingredients that are kind to a newborn's skin.

Sit back & relax! Tulips Baby Wet Wipes are the safest of them all.

Want to know why? Read on...

1. India's Safest Baby Wet Wipes, with 99.9% purified water & 0.1% natural fruit extracts.

2. Clinically tested at a NABL-accredited lab. Dematologically tested.

3. Formulated to match the pH level of a newborn's skin.

4. Ideal to use even during diarrhoea for a rash-free cleaning experience.

5. Contain skin-friendly ingredients.

6. Pure & soft fabric gently cleanses, leaving the skin moisturized.

7. A big NO to harsh chemicals like Allergens, SLS, Sulphates, dyes, added parabens, SLES. They are as pure as cleaning with water and come in a travel-friendly package.

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