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An exclusive range with

extra soft cotton & strong sticks

Tulips Premium

Cotton Plant


  • Cotton Swabs
A perfect user experience. Super soft Swab heads.
Tulips Cotton buds are made & packed on state-of-the-art, computerized Swiss lines. Our products are exported to more than 14 countries & come to the consumers worldwide, with an assurance of hygiene & purity.  
Now available with 100% Bio-degradable Sticks (FSC Paper).
A small change can go a long way. The plastic center of the cotton bud has thoughtfully been replaced with eco-friendly FSC Paper to make sure that this item that we use daily, does not contribute to the plastic Hazzard.
  • Cotton Balls
Tulips Cotton balls are 100% PURE Cotton. Tulips Cotton balls are made & packed automatically on state of art production lines. Softest & purest Cotton fiber is used in TULIPS Cotton balls. Ideal for make-up removal/ application, general hygiene & baby care.
  • Toothpicks
  • Tulips Wooden Toothpicks are produced using high-quality Birchwood. These small but functional tools are provided in practically designed containers for convenience of usage.

Our high-quality durable toothpicks with ornate handles are perfect for professional and household usages.

Cotton Flowers
  • Dermatologically tested, they go through stringent lab tests to be certified as safe for skin of all types.

  • Untouched by Hands, to produce impeccable consistency without human intervention.

  • GMP Certified Facility in a controlled & hygienic condition.

  • Micro-biologically tested to ensure proper safety.

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