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Safety Swabs
100% ear protection for babies

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Image by Greg Rosenke

Tulips safety swabs are designed to safely clean hard to reach areas of the baby's ear.Ear Safe Bulb design helps prevent cotton swabs from entering too deep into your baby's earThese cotton swabs are not just for babies and children but are also suitable for use by adults

Perfect Bonding. Guaranteed
We guarantee that our Cotton swab will NEVER DEBOND with its stick, during usage
We have indigenously developed systems to ensure that every swab has a maximum bonding strength to withhold the pressure implied during usage.

Pure & Softest Pharmacopoeia Grade Cotton
Cotton IP, made up of Comber, gives the softest feel during usage.

Strong Sticks:
The sticks of these swabs render a better grip and dexterity while they are being used. They are made of heavy grammage material. Thus, the sticks are flexible and resistant to breakage.