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Wooden Sticks

Made with the best White Birchwood. Made with perfection.

Tulips Wooden toothpicks & skewers are sturdy and reliable.

All prices indicated above are M.R.P. (incl. of all Taxes)

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Our high-quality durable toothpicks with ornate handles are perfect for professional and household usages. Simply use with fruits, cocktail snacks barbecue, desserts, baking and appetizers. These ideal toothpicks are best for oral hygiene and also fun for children's art and craft.



Made of high-quality Birchwood. They have a light colour & smooth surface. This wood is most suited for Toothpicks, as it resists splintering.


Food Safe:

These are food-safe and ideal to serve appetizers. Can be used in contact with food and drinks and can be safely disposed after one-time usage.

Ideal Tapered Design:

An optimal length and long taper to get rid of food particles stuck in between the teeth.


Re-Usable Dispenser:

The user-friendly design of the dispenser allows you to easily draw the toothpicks. Once the toothpicks are empty, you may still continue using the container as a salt & pepper dispenser.


Ideal Size: 

8-inch long high-quality Birchwood with optimal thickness makes it perfect to skewer kebabs and grill items. 

Taper Design:

Long & sharp points for quick piercing & can be used in ovens & microwave etc. 

Ideal for bar-be-que, grills, bakes & steaks

Clinically Tested:

These skewers are microbiologically tested making them completely safe to be used with food.

Cotton Flowers
  • Dermatologically tested, they go through stringent lab tests to be certified as safe for skin of all types.

  • GMP Certified Facility in a controlled & hygienic condition.

  • Micro-biologically tested to ensure proper safety.

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