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Biodegradable Cotton Earbuds for a Sustainable World

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Made-in-India eco-innovation reduces pollution and preserves biodiversity.

The moment has come for us to make the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, and we should all start now before it's too late. In addition to plastic bottles and flashy packaging, single-use products, like the ones we grab every time we perform a self-care routine and then trash away, are a new source of environmental harm. No doubt about it; we're talking about cotton swabs and buds here.

Done worrying?

TULIPS is the pioneering Indian brand that introduced biodegradable Cotton Buds/swabs to the country. Superior manufacturing facilities use only the purest cotton fibre and certified paper to make these ECO-FRIENDLY COTTON BUDS/ SWABS. These buds are never going to splinter, making them perfect for those who want a delicate and comfortable experience.

We, as responsible citizens, must adjust our habits and routines to strike a better balance between our use of plastic and the requirement to properly dispose of our trash. The 100% Biodegradable Cotton Buds/swabs are a symbol of the company's efforts to effect change in modest but significant ways.

Speaking on the launch, Rahul Jain, partner at TULIPS, "There is a large population that uses cotton swabs, and among them is a sizable subset that is interested in finding a more environmentally friendly alternative. We plan to promote these cotton buds and make sure to reach every part of the country. Being the industry leader, we will be taking initiatives to create a shift in the minds of the Indian consumer to embrace paper stick-based cotton buds instead of plastic ones."


Think Environment. Think TULIPS Paper Stick Cotton Swabs

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